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Professional services in the field of e-commerce. // International company providing consulting and e-commerce services in Europe GET STARTED
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We bring business to the largest online e-commerce platform. // Innovative on-line business model GET STARTED
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We scale our business in the global online market. // Global and effective collaboration
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An experienced team of experts

iVentures experts have many years of experience in creating, scaling and managing online businesses.
The consultants behind the creation of your e-commerce trading company are active entrepreneurs who will share their experience with you, help you start your own business quickly, easily, with minimal investment.

Selling experience

Over 10 years

Merchandise turnover

Over 5 000 000 €

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Cooperation with us ensures
the following benefits

We are trending
The global pandemic and quarantine restrictions have led to an increase in e-commerce sales.
We create and scale an on-line business
A business on AMAZON is an opportunity to launch or scale your business in a short time with minimal investment in the global online market.
We are professionals
We provide services in the field of e-commerce, including trading on the AMAZON platform and other markerplaces. Support and support for on-line e-commerce business on a turnkey basis.
Selling experience

For the last 10 (ten) years we have been successfully exporting goods from Asia’s largest markets, mainly from China, which allows us to add 100% to their cost.

Merchandise turnover in Euro

Our specialists work with local trading platforms in China, as well as through their supplier bases they will go to the manufacturer of your chosen niche of goods for trading on AMAZON.

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iVentures E-Commerce is:

Completely remote company establishment for AMAZON business in Europe

You can use our on-line company formation platform in Europe for AMAZON right now while sipping hot coffee anywhere in the world.

Managing a company from any part of the world

To sell through Amazon, it is enough to have access to the Internet at hand.

Access to the EU largest consumer market
Access to the EU largest consumer market

Today the market of the European Union is more than 800 million people. These are potential consumers of your product.

Sales in the most financially reliable world market without any redundant documents and personal presence

Our team of professionals are well versed in all the intricacies of trading on AMAZON, and we can help you launch your products on the leading e-commerce platform.

Bridging the language barrier for your international business

Our specialists speak different languages, including Chinese. You do not need to know a foreign language to do business on AMAZON. Our specialists will replace your language competence.

24/7/365 advisory, legal, and accounting support for your AMAZON business

A wide range of additional outsourcing services iVentures E-Commerce, allowing you to have a 100% guarantee of the success of your business on AMAZON.

AMAZON attracts more than $ 1 billion due to well-thought-out logistics, quality of service and fast delivery. users from all over the world annually. Most residents of Europe and the United States, when they need to buy, first go to AMAZON.

For buyers, AMAZON is an unconditional brand that guarantees quality and speed of purchase; for sellers, it is a trading platform with a hot audience of users who came exclusively for the goods.

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Customers trust us
all over the world

Emilia Clarke
Lidiya Kravchenko (Germany)
"I would like to thank the company's IT Director, Denis Krolikov, for his training on launching on AMAZON. The company's specialists have a huge amount of information and "features» for working on AMAZON. The team not only taught me the basic settings, but also launched a store on AMAZON, put my product on sales in Europe. We have successfully registered a personal brand (trademark) and are now engaged in brand promotion. It's funny to see how your product is bought by the whole of Europe."
Emilia Clarke
Dmitry Scrizkiy (Great Britain)
General Manager in MIHATERU
"Thanks to iVentures team. Thanks to their experience and knowledge. I was able to bring my product in the digital line to the top sales on AMAZON in Germany. Now I am scaling the business to new markets and we are launching Japan together. It is very cool."
Emilia Clarke
Irina Kukushkina (Russia)
Commercial Director in Alpina Publisher
"I would like to thank iVentures team for their analytics on AMAZON EU and AMAZON USA book market capacity. Thanks to their software reports we were able to see a huge potential in the sales of our books on AMAZON platform. Our book sales reached the same heights as the top book sellers on AMAZON. We are very happy to cooperate."
Emilia Clarke
Anna Aleksandrikova (UK, Russia)
Head Of Legal Department in Free Lines
"We thank iVentures for developing a legal scheme for selling the manufacturer's goods on AMAZON EU and AMAZON USA trading platforms. To prepare the agency agreement for trading on AMAZON, iVentures lawyers applied their practical knowledge and experience in working on AMAZON marketplace in accordance with the rules and regulations of Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement and the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. Thank you for your prompt and effective work."
Jauhen Hucalau (Belarus)
"Can I start a business on Amazon on my own? Of course you can, but it will take a lot of time to study various information. And as you know, time is a valuable resource. I simplified the task and entrusted all job and search to iVentures E-Commerce professionals. You can use their services on a regular basis. After all, the choice is always yours. From personal experience, I can say that I am very happy with their help and support.⁣"
Alex Bor (Germany)
CEO in PfarmaLab
"I express my respect to iVentures specialists and personally to Martsev Vladimir for professional advice on opening and running e-commerce business in Europe on AMAZON. Competent specialists, professionals with extensive e-commerce sales experience. I hope for a future and mutually beneficial cooperation."
Artur Antonov (Poland)
Director at AntonauShop
"I would like to express my respect to Irina Feofanova, Director of Marketing and Business Development at iVentures, who provided assistance in choosing product line for trading on AMAZON in Europe. We were looking for products with high margin and low cost in China for sales in Europe. We found cool products in China in the category of electronics, board games and entertainment, conducted successful negotiations with Chinese manufacturers, delivered samples to Europe, and 2 months later, together with iVentures, we launched sales on AMAZON. Everything is fast and organized."
Denys Kemel (Germany)
Author and writer.
"I am a writer. I had my dream to scale my books to European public. I want to thank iVentures team that created an online store of my books on AMAZON, put my products on sales in Germany, launched EU sales and PPC campaign. Thanks."
Stanislav Lipen (Belarus)
"I want to thank guys from iVentures for their quick response to my request for help and professional advice on obtaining an FDA certificate in the USA for trading on Amazon. Quickly and efficiently. Professionals in e-commerce trade. I recommend these guys!"