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Our warehouse is a great alternative to Amazon prep centers

It’s no secret that the Amazon market is a great platform for increasing sales and attracting new customers.

Become our partner and you will forget about stress and problems in logistics, no matter from which country you do business in Europe. With our prep center you can fully focus on the development of your business.

Forwarding, sales and logistics have been our strong points since 2012. Over the years, we have learned the tricks of the trade and learned how to efficiently execute, package and ship orders on schedule, while ensuring that requirements are met on par with Amazon.

You can get acquainted with the prices for the services of our teachers upon request by contacting our company.

About warehouses
We have created warehouses in Germany and Spain as the largest markets in Europe, for convenient order management throughout Europe. We can deliver parcels, large or small, anywhere in the world and bring you happy and satisfied customers, and our competitive prices will help you get an acceptable profit.
About our employees
We have a team of experienced managers, packers, delivery staff and contracts with courier companies to help us successfully pack and ship thousands of parcels. We strive to expand our capabilities and services to provide maximum support to our clients from all over the world.
About our services
We are an Amazon FBA / FBM fulfillment and preparation center ready to prepare your FBA / FBM delivery or provide fulfillment services for your Amazon sales or your own online stores.
We have a large capacity to fulfill your orders, including product packaging, even if it is one product per month. It's simple.
Economical delivery
Our extensive referral and professional network through the most reliable carriers offering the best rates. iVentures receives discounts from major carriers, and we pass these discounts on to you.
This gives you complete control over your shipping prices and you can be sure that your goods will always be delivered on time.
Returns management
We work with returns: checking for damage and serviceability, photo / video reports of damaged goods from the return, establishing damage and re-sending.
Refunds and exchanges occur with different frequencies and depending on the nature of your business.
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customers all over the world

Emilia Clarke
Lidiya Kravchenko
"I want to thank the IT Director of the company Denis Krolikov for training on launching at AMAZON. The company's specialists have a huge amount of information and 'chips' for working at AMAZON. The team not only taught me the basic settings, but also launched a store at AMAZON at the same time, brought my goods to sales in Europe. We have successfully registered a personal brand (trade mark) and now we are promoting the brand. It's funny to see how all of Europe buys your product) "
Emilia Clarke
Dmitry Scrizkiy
General Manager in MIHATERU
"Thanks to the iVentures team. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, I was able to bring my product in the Digital lineup to the top sales at AMAZON in Germany. Now I am scaling the business to new markets and we are launching Japan together. This is very cool."
Emilia Clarke
Irina Kukushkina
Commercial Director Alpina Publishing Group
"I would like to thank the iVentures team for the analysis of the book market capacity of AMAZON EU and AMAZON USA. Thanks to the reports prepared by iVentures analysts, we were able to see a huge potential in the sales of our books on the AMAZON platform. I hope that over time, sales of our books will reach the same heights as top sellers of books on AMAZON. We are very glad to cooperate. "
Emilia Clarke
Anna Alexandrikova
Head of Legal Department Free Lines
"We are grateful to iVentures for the development of a scheme for the sale of the manufacturer's goods on the AMAZON EU and AMAZON USA trading floor. To prepare an agency agreement for trading at AMAZON, iVentures lawyers applied their practical knowledge and experience of working at the AMAZON marketplace in accordance with the rules and regulations of Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement and Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. Thank you for your prompt work."
Jauhen Hucalau
"Can you start a business on Amazon yourself? Of course you can, but it will take a lot of time to study various information. And as you know, time is the most valuable resource. I simplified the task and entrusted all the design and searches to iVentures E-Commerce professionals. You can use their services on an ongoing basis. After all, the choice is always yours. From personal experience, I will say that I am very pleased with their help and support. "
Alex Bohr
CEO in PfarmaLab
"I would like to express my gratitude to the specialists of iVentures and personally to Vladimir Martsev for professional advice on opening and running an e-commerce business in Europe. Competent specialists who know professionals with extensive experience in sales. Hopefully for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation."
Arthur Antonov
Director at AntonauShop
"I would like to express my gratitude to the Director of Marketing and Business Development of iVentures Irina Feofanova, who assisted in choosing a line of products for trading at AMAZON in Europe. We were looking for products with high margins and low costs in China for sales in Europe. We found cool products in China. in the category of electronics, board games and entertainment, we had successful negotiations with Chinese manufacturers, delivered samples to Europe, and after 2 months, together with iVentures, we launched sales at AMAZON. Everything is fast and organized."
Denys Kemel (Germany)
"I am a writer and author of books. I have long dreamed of scaling my book and creativity to the European public. I want to thank the iVentures team, which created an online store at AMAZON, launched my product in Germany, launched PPC. Thank you."
Stanislav Lipen
"I want to thank the guys from iVentures for the quick response to my request for help and professional advice on obtaining FDA certification in the USA for trading on Amazon. Quickly and efficiently. Professionals in their field. I recommend these guys!"